Creative Review of 2014

A quick look back through our creative output for 2014. These are all of our design projects that were released last year, in chronological order based on their release dates. It’s been a fantastic year with many highly-creative and supremely effective designs launched.

(Click any of the images to see the full project info.)


Serpent Cider

Branding and Packaging Design

Serpent Cider - Branding & Packaging Design



Independent Pilsner, for Longwood Brewery

Branding and Packaging Design

Label Design for Longwood Brewery's new Independent Pilsner



Unruly Gin & Vodka, for Wayward Distillation House

Naming, Branding, Packaging Design

Unruly Vodka



Call Family Distillers

Branding (and Packaging Design is coming soon!)

Branding for Call Family Distillers



Coven Vodka Banner, for Arbutus Distillery

Print Design

Vertical banner for Coven Vodka



Hester Creek Estate Winery Website

Custom Website Design

Custom Website Design for Hester Creek Estate Winery


Sartori Harvest IPA, for Driftwood Brewery

Branding, Packaging Design

Driftwood Brewery's Sartori Harvest IPA



Oliver Twist Estate Winery

Branding, Packaging Design

Branding & Packaging Design for Oliver Twist Estate Winery



New Growth Pale Ale, for Driftwood Brewery

Branding, Packaging Design

New Growth Pale Ale, from Driftwood Brewery



Entangled Hopfenweisse, for Driftwood Brewery

Branding, Packaging Design

Entangled Hopfenweisse, from Driftwood Brewery



Stay tuned for even more creative designs ahead in 2015!