Emerging Trends in Wine Packaging

In preparation for hosting tonight’s #BCWineChat on Twitter, I’ve prepared a list of emerging wine packaging trends for those who might not be familiar with them.

Emerging Trends:

Twist-off Corks

A twist-off, resealable wine cork, which doesn’t need a corkscrew, is set to be brought to market soon. More Info


Bottle Wraps

Paper wraps around each bottle. Not a new idea, but we’ve seen some interesting twists on them lately. The additional canvas that a full wrap affords can be utilized to achieve differentiation on a shelf. More Info or Here



Thinner, “Eco” Glass

Thinner glass = cheaper to purchase, cheaper to ship. But can the industry get past the percepiton that icon wines must come in think, heavy bottles? More Info

Laser-Cut Labels

Very intricate details in knock-outs and die-cuts that weren’t possible with older, offset printers.


Etched Glass

Expensive as hell, but a truly unique look and a tactile experience like no other. Probably only an option for very expensive bottles. More Info


Shrink-Wrap Sleeves

Digitally-printed heat-shrink sleeves that cover an entire bottle. Offers possibility to create a very different look than a plain glass bottle. More Info, Here, or Here




New Types of Cases, Especially for Smaller Quantities

Smaller cases, made of alternative materials. More Info or Here



Cans, Especially for Sparkling Wines

Single-servings of sparkling wines, in aluminum cans. More Info


New Label Materials

Printing companies are beginning to figure out ways to use new materials as labels. Wood Veneer, Cork, Metal, Rubber. More Info or Here





Paper Bottles

The GreenBottle for wine consists of a fully recyclable or compostable paper casing. The same shape as a standard wine bottle, it contains a plastic neck piece and foiled plastic liner, comparable to those used in bag-in-box wines, a format that consumers are familiar with. More Info


Stacked Singles

A bottle of wine separated into four stemless wine glasses. Each glass contains 187ml of wine and a 4-pack has the same volume, 750 ml, as a traditional bottle of wine. More Info


Resealable Bottles (Pop Tops)

Much more common in the worlds of beer & cider, but starting to show up more frequently in wine… especially in the Prosecco category. More Info


Checking in On Slightly Older Trends:

These trends have been popularized in the past few years. How have they held up since then? Will they be sticking around?

Custom Glass

Gets cheaper & cheaper every year. More Info


QR Codes


Tetra Paks