Goldynwell Fölkol

Driftwood Brewery’s new Goldynwell Folköl, literally “people’s beer,” is named for the Well of Urör, or Well of Fate.

Goldynwell Fölkol packaging design for Driftwood Brewery

“We draw from the Well of Fate; human destiny is but a drink we’ve poured and tasted tenfold.”

Goldynwell Fölkol packaging design for Driftwood Brewery

This label depicts three Norns – female beings from Norse mythology who write the fates of Gods and men – drawing from the Well of Fate at the base of the world tree, Yggdrasill.

The luminescent colour palette shines brilliantly. Sun spikes and bright lines draw the eye into the label’s focal point, the golden well that holds the magical elixir. The hand-illustrated type is inspired by Nordic runes from the 8th to 12th century.

In Norse myth, the Norns would score their fortunes into wood. For those fortunate enough to hold Goldynwell in their hand, their futures are easily foretold, should they be ready to receive the Norns wisdom.